Bantam White Frizzles $10.00. Bantam Splash Silkies $10.00 Bantam White Silkies $ 10.00 Sweedish Flower chicks $35.00 Lavender Orpingtons $25.00 Barred Rocks $12.00 Cream Legbars $ 12.00 Easter Eggers $ 10.00 Orchid Flower $ 15.00 Please know only cash is accepted as form of payment.

Special Request

Starting spring chick season, Swedish Flower will be by request only . If you would like to purchse Swedish Flower chicks, please contact me around 3 weeks before you would like to purchase and I will set a batch of swedish flower chicks for you . Please know if you would like only females, I will need to hold for an additional week to be able to tell the sex.


Coming fall of 2024 My Little Peeps Hatchery is proud to offer several new breeds ! Easter Eggers Cream Legbars Orchid Flower ( this is a My Little Peeps Hatchery exclusive)


My Little Peeps Hatchery offers a 72 hour guarantee on all chicks sold. Please contact Sharon Holland at 919-916-7762 if any chicks are dead on arrival or pass within the first 72 hours, either a refund or a reshipment will be granted.


We offer quality bantam silkies and frizzles. Sales are available year round, so you dont have to worry about waiting on a list for your chicks like at the bigger hatcheries. Many colors are available. Now offering sweedish flower hens ! They are a rare breed and you will not be disappointed with the egg size from these girls !