My Little Peeps Hatchery is a small farm located in North Carolina.  What started out as just a few chickens for eggs became a total love and fascination with chickens. Over the years I have found that silkies and frizzles are the sweetest of all the bantams and wonderful with children.  We hatch our chicks and then hold them for a week to make sure that your getting the healthiest and strongest chicks available.  When you receive your chicks they will be 7 days old. This is to ensure that they withstand the shipping process. We all know that can be hard on them. Above all else we strive to provide quality poultry.

Additional Information: Please know it truly breaks my heart to have to type this,  due to I wish I truly could, but I am unable to take back any roosters sold. There are many reasons, but mainly I am at Max Capacity! I truly wish I could take them all back. They are beautiful and stunning creatures. Please know I appreciate your business !